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Orchid Supply Plus

A Complete Supply Chain Management Program

Orchid Supply+ is a program that has enabled our customers to reduce their supply chain management to a single source: Orchid. By implementing Orchid Supply+, you can rely on Orchid to maintain all aspects of the supply chain, from quality and regulatory qualification to finished goods inventory. We will manage each step in the supply chain, performing quality systems audits, source raw materials (whether bar stock or a complex casting or forging), all fabrication steps including machining, molding, assembly, coating, packaging and sterilization with a single purchase order. This eliminates our customers having to manage multiple suppliers, reduces handling of the products and reduces lead times.

Is This Your Current Supply Chain?

  • Long lead times and uncertain deliveries?
  • Excessive inventory and multiple steps in the supply chain tying up cash?
  • Large Approved Supplier List (ASL) consuming purchasing and quality resources?

Orchid will manage your supply chain by…

  • Providing a completely finished product that is sterile packaged (One Stop Shop) with a single purchase order
  • Being an extension of your own company by providing resources in design, manufacturing, quality, planning, logistics and/or warehousing
  • Reducing overhead with reduced in house inspection, auditing of suppliers (which we will do) and warehousing of inventory
  • Providing additional resources in Design, Quality and Regulatory services to provide a complete supply chain solution provider

Orchid Supply+ Key Benefits

Orchid has the resources to manage your project

  • A project manager and logistics coordinator is assigned
  • Quality Engineers for validations as needed
  • Regulatory support for auditing activities

Orchid will provide regular updates

  • As an extension of your company Orchid will give you regular updates on projects, orders and stock out conditions

Orchid will provide value stream rationalization services

  • Ensures you are aware of situations where wastes can be eliminated and margins can be improved

RediPak® for off the shelf, validated sterile packaging

  •  Reduce cost and lead time for your sterile packaging validations

 Just one purchase order

  • Eliminates need to manage multiple vendors and write multiple purchase order

Cash Flow Improvement

  • Eliminates the outlay of cash for each step in the supply chain
  • Brings your payments closer to time when you ship to your customer

Fewer vendors to manage

  • More time spent in strategic conversations for business planning instead of managing a large vendor base

Supply Chain solutions are flexible

  •  Orchid is flexible to the needs of our customers
  • We provide as much or as little of the supply chain that you require
  • We recognize that no one solutions fits all supply chain problems

Types of Projects:

  • Forged, machined and coated hip stem
  • Cast and finished knee femoral component
  • Fully stocked instrument sets
  • Sterile, single use cutting instruments such as saw blades or drills
By investing in Orchid Supply+, Orchid will be able to reduce your inventory, improve your cash flow, improve lead times, consolidate your supply base and make more efficient use of resources.  To see if you qualify or if you have any questions, please e-mail